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Prices will be adjusted monthly. Check this page for updates.
Send 0.2 Monero to cloakVPN Monero address:


A 30-day account will be provisioned for you using th 16 character Payment_ID you provide.
UserName = The first 12 characters of your Payment_ID.
Password = The 13-16th characters of your Payment_ID. (last 4 digits)
To create a 16 Character payment ID, it is suggested you can use this command:

openssl rand -hex 8

Caution: only use a valid, randomly generated, hexadecimal Payment_ID.
16 Character Payment_IDs are encrypted on the blockchain.
64 character Payment_IDs are not encrypted. Please use 16 Character Payment_IDs to secure your account.
For more information on the Payment_ID field, see:

For more information on Monero, visit https://getmonero.org

Warning: If you do not include a Payment_ID, nothing can be provisioned for you.

If you have any questions, you may send email to support@cloakVPN.com