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If the VPN does not work as expected, these are a few steps to troubleshoot issues

1. Make sure you have LZO Compression turned on.

2. Can you ping”
from the cmd line window “ping″
If you get a response, the tunnel is working, but Routing may be the problem.
If in Windows try running OpenVPN with “Run as Administrator”

3. If you can ping, but your browser is blank, check your DNS settings. If you have set a DNS manually, remove it so that DNS is set by the Server’s DHCP config and requests will pass through the VPN tunnel.

cloakVPN used DHCP to push the cloakVPN DNS server to the client machines. If you use DHCP, you should be fine . If you have manually set a DNS server to your local router, or a DNS server on your local network, your DNS requests may leak through your local connection. Your DNS requests may be seen and/or blocked in this way. You may use any DNS server you like.

Q: Why is the https cert expired?
A: Since cloakVPN does not ask for any data on this website, there is no need for https. The current cert is expired, but left in place for legacy links. We are anxiously awaiting EFF's letsencrypt.org project to be cross-signed.